Description of Foam Concrete:

Concrete blowing agent, also known as cement blowing agent or foam concrete blowing agent, is a special chemical admixture. Its main function is introducing many uniform and stable tiny bubbles in the concrete or cement slurry. The main components of concrete foaming agents include organic surfactants, fatty acids, and hydroxyphospholipids. These ingredients make it possible to form many tiny bubbles in the concrete by reducing the surface tension of the liquid. These bubbles prevent the aggregate in the concrete from sinking, improve its uniformity, and give the concrete some special properties.

After adding a foaming agent to the concrete, these bubbles will be evenly distributed, forming the so-called “foam concrete.” At the same time, the presence of bubbles can also improve the thermal insulation performance of concrete because air is a poor conductor of heat, which can prevent the transfer of heat. In addition, bubbles can also improve the sound insulation performance of concrete and reduce noise transmission.


The advantage of using foam concrete for foundation pit backfilling:

Light and high strength: foamed concrete has the characteristics of light and high strength, and its density is small, but the compressive strength can meet the engineering requirements. With the same backfill volume, using foamed concrete requires less material, thus reducing material costs.

Good thermal insulation performance: Foamed concrete contains many closed pores, so it has good thermal insulation performance. This feature is particularly important in some projects with high-temperature control requirements, which can reduce the use of additional insulation materials and further reduce costs.

Convenient construction: The construction process of foam concrete is relatively simple, does not require complex formwork and support structure, can shorten the construction period, and reduces labor and mechanical costs. In addition, it can be adapted to different terrain and backfill requirements, reducing additional processing costs.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The production and use of foam concrete produce less waste, and the environmental pollution is also low. At the same time, due to its good thermal insulation performance, energy consumption can be reduced, in line with the development trend of green buildings.

Comprehensive economic benefits: Considering the above points, using foamed concrete for foundation pit backfilling can achieve cost savings in materials, construction, environmental protection, and other aspects to achieve significant comprehensive economic benefits.

Application field of concrete blowing agent: 

Construction field: This is one of the main concrete blowing agent application areas. In the construction process, the concrete blowing agent can be used for external wall insulation, thermal insulation materials, roof or floor insulation, and other aspects. In addition, it can also be used in the production process of precast concrete components, such as the manufacture of walls, roofing, insulation panels, and other structures. Because of its lightweight, good thermal insulation performance, and stable mechanical properties, the construction industry favors the concrete foaming agent.

In the field of transportation: In the construction process of tunnels, Bridges, highways, etc., the concrete blowing agent also plays an important role. Bubbles can reduce the density of concrete, reduce the weight of the structure, increase the carrying capacity, and improve the durability of concrete. In Bridges and tunnels, using concrete blowing agents can reduce the foundation load, improve the stability of roadbeds, and improve the performance of vibration and vibration reduction.

Other applications: The concrete blowing agent can also be used in producing wood molding plastics to reduce the weight of the material. It can also be used in the media or on stage to make models. In addition, the concrete blowing agent can also be used for fire prevention, sound insulation laying, and water heating pipe insulation.


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